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IonicArt custom web site design and development service provides web presence for businesses and individuals by offering cutting-edge technology, competitive pricing, and customer-driven service. Paying more doesn't guarantee superior quality. Our custom web site design will meet or exceed your expectations!


Package prices have no hidden costs or reoccurring fees. We guarantee complete satisfaction or we'll give you a complete refund. The turn around time mentioned for each package doesn't include the delays from client's end during approval and content provision.

  Small Business Website Design Bronze Package Starting from   $419

  Medium Sized Business Web Design Silver Package Starting from   $579

  Dynamic Website Design Gold Package Starting from   $879

  E-Commerce Website Design Platinum Package Package Starting from   $789

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Small Business Website Design Bronze Package                                       $419

    Custom Web site Design up to ( 6 pages )
    Contact Us – page (single form submission)
    Two Prototype Designs-from which to choose
    Flash intro design (if required)

Dynamic Website Design Gold Package                                                         $879

    Custom Web site Design (up to 25 pages)
    Two form submissions.
    Members sign up pages.
    Admin Control Panel (member management)
    Web Hosting Setup (if required)
    Database generation.
    Up to 15 Email account setup.
    Flash Intro Design (if required)
    Additional Web Pages - $28 each
    Meta tag generation for search engine submission.
    Meta tag generation for search engine submission.
    Domain Name Purchase
    Free- Lifetime Web site Maintenance & Support
    Web Hosting Setup (if required)
    Free -Lifetime Web site Maintenance& Support
    Additional Web Pages - $20 each
    Up to 50 Email account setup.




Medium Sized Business Web Design Silver Package                                $579

    Custom Web site Design (up to 12 pages)
    Contact Us – page (single form submission)
    Two Prototype Designs-from which to choose
    Flash intro design (if required)

E-Commerce Website Design Platinum Package                                     $789

    Custom Web site Design (up to 8 pages)
    Direct check out shopping cart for up to 20 products.
    Merchant Integration - Accepting Online Payments
    Two Form Submissions (Online Quote & Contact)
    Web Hosting Setup (if required)
    Flash intro design (if required)
    Up to 25 Email account setup.
    Meta tag generation for search engine submission.
    Additional Web Pages - $20 each
    Domain Name Purchase
    Meta tag generation for search engine submission.
    Web Hosting Setup (if required)
    Free- Lifetime Web site Maintenance & Support
    Free-Lifetime Web site Maintenance & Support
    Additional Web Pages - $20 each


  IonicArt Corporate Offshore Web Design Process Model Overview:


IonicArt follows industry standard methodology to ensure quality and on time delivery of your products. The following is an outline of the web development process we maintain.

Evaluate Current status:
We analyze the current status of the existing system if there is any. If not we then we procure as much information on the system that needs to be developed as possible with the help of the client.  

Website Design / Redesign Requirements:  
We do a thorough system requirements analysis. Pin point your audience. Research other similar web sites in your industry. Find out: 

  • Functional requirements: What dynamic features you might need that requires programming languages like PHP/mysql. How the database needs to be designed. How to interact with the database.

  • Graphical requirements: What kind of custom graphics are required and best suited for your web sites to provide your visual identity and how to sustain it throughout the site. Make sure that the images used for identity convey an appropriate message about you. Be careful to avoid media models that do not match the identity you want for your site. Use few enough colors in you identity graphics that your site has an identifiable color scheme, and sustain the color scheme throughout the site. Establish different treatments for the "content heavy" and "affect heavy" portions of the pages and/or the site. Use Macromedia Flash with caution and when it complements the design.

  • Security requirements: Define the security requirements and how best to implement them.

  • Navigation: Define what sections and link pages you require and how to build up the navigation system in the most user friendly manner. We generally avoid using flash or JavaScript navigation to keep the web site search engine friendly.

Testing of the new website:
An extensive testing phase will be undertaken by IonicArt associates to confirm zero security breach, usability, flexibility, performance and speed test. The limit of the system will be tested to the extreme by simulating random user behaviors and search engine bots. The final phase of testing will include the client stuffs themselves to discover any weakness in the system being developed.

The testing approaches that will be used to ensure the system being developed meets the functional requirements and allows for error detection and correction are mentioned below. 

Usability Testing:

Usability Testing validates that the end users understand and use the system to its fullest. The usability of the application will be rated on a scale of satisfaction, for the following areas:

  • Ease of navigation from page to page

  • Ability to spot necessary navigation boxes and buttons

  • Overall complexity of the web page
  • Error messages and the ability to understand what was required to correct errors

  • Sharpness of graphics

  • Consistency among different screen sizes, browsers, and other hardware types

More Testing of Usability:

  • User is able to navigate across the various fields on a page and across pages with minimal effort and should not require additional help to figure out the navigation to a particular process or field.

  • In case of an error, the error messages displayed by the application convey the exact meaning to the user. Based on this message, the user is able to take corrective action.

  • All website pages are intuitive i.e. the user is able to use the application while requiring minimal reference to Online Help/Documentation.

  • The user is not required to perform unnecessary operations to complete a process. This will comply with the approved prototype, on which the necessary standardization was applied.

  • Application is visually pleasing. This is achieved by applying GUI standards consistently across the system.

  • The current position of the user in the website is very clear to the user at all points of time. i.e. the user should be clear as to what operation is being performed by the application at that point of time

  • The system behavior is consistent when being tested on browsers above Internet Explorer 5.0 and Netscape Navigator 6.0.

User acceptance plan:
A prototype will be developed in the local machine and later submitted to the client either for viewing online or on an online demo web site. The client will evaluate the following parts:

  • Usability

  • Professional look to uphold the corporate image

  • Functionalities as outlined above

  • Ease of content-updating procedure

If any modifications or corrections need to be made, they will be made by IonicArt. Such modifications may not include any drastic changes in the strategy of deployment outlined in this document or addition of any new features not mentioned in this document.

The client is responsible for providing IonicArt. all the contents.

Execution and implementation of the new system:
If the client approves of the prototype, IonicArt. will carry out the implementation of the new system at online server for the specific domain. The minimum execution-conversion time is expected to be 24 hours. The existing website (if any) will be unavailable during this period of time while the new system is being implemented.

A functional implementation of the system at client's host will mark the finalization of the project.







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